Real estate

Real estate

Our office has rich experience with a number of real estate transactions. We provide especially these real estate related services:

  • Advice in the area of acquiring, selling and renting properties
  • Preparation and revision of reservation contracts, preliminary contracts, pledge agreements
  • Securing compliance with contractual obligations
  • Holding funding or documentation in escrow
  • Signature verification
  • In-person representation in dealings with counterparties
  • Representation before the land cadastre office
  • Negotiations with banks

We provide complete legal services in the are of real estate to both entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs. Thanks to our cooperation with a partner firm in London, we can offer help in legal relations with an international aspect, not limited to Czech Republic and Great Britain.

Whether you have no experience with the real estate market or are familiar with the environment, need guidance throughout the entire process of purchase, lease or sale or are looking for a lawyer to represent your best interest, we are here to defend your rights and arrange everything for you.

We can adapt to all your individual needs heedless of the transaction sum. Apart from complete legal services, we also facilitate communication with financial institutions and supervise use of funds used to finance the transactions.