Commercial and Contract Law

We provide legal services to corporations and individual businessmen, as well as to private individuals involved in many types of commercial relations.

Real estate

We will guide you through the entire process of acquiring or selling real estate, renting properties, title searches and title registrations regardless of transaction size. We will defend your rights in negotiations with counterparties, land registry offices and banks.

Contract Law

One of the key practice areas of our law firm are contracts, whether related to your business, or in your private life.

Litigation and Arbitration

We provide legal assistance in resolving disputes and their settlement whether in the field of private (civil / tort) law, commercial law, employment or public administrative proceedings, as well as representation in civil processes.

Debt enforcement and collection

We offer complex assistance to our clients in relation to debt collection and enforcement, representation in arbitration proceedings, executions and insolvency proceedings.

Intellectual Property Law

We specialize in copyright protection, licensing agreements, artists’ performance contracts, Czech and European trade marks etc.

Administrative law

We represent clients in filing various petitions with public authorities, motions protecting against public authority’s inaction and in general communication with the bureaucratic apparat.

Labour Law

We provide legal consulting to employers and aid to employees. We are able to draft any employment-related documentation or contracts or regulations.

International Law

We have rich experience with legal relationships involving international aspects, among other in logistics, international litigation and arbitrations, and in inheritance law.

Criminal Law

We provide professional and complex assistance to defendants in criminal proceeding. We also represent injured parties in defending their legal rights.

Information Technology Law

We are able to provide legal advice and services to businesses that are active in the IT field and telecommunication technology.